Holidays are celebrated with special programs on the Prow Sculpture.

Every 15 minutes, time is shown on the world's largest symbolic clock
Colorful patterns above Central Park
Time Warner Center, New York City

Time Warner Prow Sculpture

New York, NY

Colors and patterns fill the overlapping panels in the Prow Sculpture at the New York City Headquarter for Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle. Each evening the colors weave across the panels in rhythmic, dynamic and beautiful patterns. The patterns and movements are inspired by life in New York City, seasonal patterns and improvisations. TheNew York Times describes the sculpture as a vivid reminder about how color can set a mood.

Every 15 minutes the 120' lighting sculpture becomes the world's largest symbolic clock. The large panels represent hours with pink colors and the smaller panels represent 5-minute increments.


Client: Time Warner
Design and Programming: RomeAntics
Fabrication: Cinnabar
Lighting System: Scharff Weisberg
Photos: Adrian Wilson