Canon Project Imagination
Lincoln Center, New York, NY

Canon Project Imaginat10n is a contest to celebrate the creativity of photographers and video directors.

10 categories were established for photographers to enter their work. These storytelling categories included character, time, discovery, setting, goal, mood, obstacle, relationship, the unknown and backstory. The winning photographs were used as inspiration for the video submissions.

10 video directors, including 5 celebrity directors were selected to show their work at the red carpet event in New York.

Project Imaginat10n was developed by Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas Howard, working with Canon and Grey to create a program to celebrate creativity.

RomeAntics provided exhibit design, content development, and technical supervision. We are proud to be involved in this inspiring project.

Agency: Grey
Exhibit Design and Technical Supervision: RomeAntics
A/V Staging: WorldStage
Fabrication: Black Walnut