Doug Aitken's Sleepwalker
Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

The Museum of Modern Art and Creative Time commissioned Doug Aitken to create the artist’s first large-scale public artwork in the United States. High Definition videos were projected onto the exterior facades of MoMA, enlivening the building’s architecture with nocturnal journeys of five characters representing city dwellers – a bicycle messenger, an electrician, a postal worker, a businessman and an office worker. To create this series of projections in the middle of winter, eight projectors were installed around the museum, from the rooftops to the sculpture garden, the projectors were housed in specially made enclosures.

Client: MoMA
Design: Doug Aitken
Technical Supervision: RomeAntics
Fabrication: Cigar Box Studios
AV Integration: Scharff Weisberg
Photos: Fred Charles