Canon Expo 2015
New York, NY

The Canon Expo is a showcase of the latest Canon products and services and a glimpse into the future products in development. This event, which transforms the NY Javits Convention center into a unique space to explore Canon’s range, depth, and innovative technology.

At the Expo, visitors views of Canon are expanded as the see the range of offerings and approaches through the tour of the zones.

* Imaging Journey: An impressive exhibition of ultra high-resolution printing, video and security cameras and analytic software

* Stadium: A recreation of Yankee Stadium for a chance to try the long throw lenses to capture the action from the Baseball Players on the field.

* Film Production: A showcase of upcoming 8K cameras, HDR displays, production software and a showcase of high-resolution Hollywood captured with Canon cameras.

* Printing: An opportunity to experience the advanced technology of Canon commercial printing.

* Enterprise: Canon’s backend services for small and large businesses.

* Home: Innovative collaborative technology and photo organization and printing in the home are profiled in this area.

* Customer Experience: This zone shows why Canon is the leading customer service organization.

* Medical: Canon is a leader in medical imaging, from Retina Scans to Mobile X-Rays. This exhibit includes new technologies for imaging and medical documentation and collaboration.

* University: Canon is partnering with leading hospitals, universities, and technology companies to pioneer a range of imaging products, from DNA analyzing to Telescopes and high-resolution sensors these technologies are dramatically changing the landscape for medical and space exploration.

RomeAntics was responsible for the Multimedia design and installation:

Client: Canon USA
Agency / Media Design: Dentsu America
Multimedia Producer: RomeAntics
Exhibit Design:  Imagination USA
Lighting Design: Unlimited Visibility
Fabrication: MC2
A/V Staging: Worldstage & Creative Technologies
Computer / Network: CNS